What do I Look for When Picking Suitable Security Doors and Screens?

What do I Look for When Picking Suitable Security Doors and Screens?

During summers when people need a fresh breeze of air to stream through your house, they open their windows wide open. Others might leave their doors open to let the cool breeze stream in. There are those who spend a great deal of their time worrying about insects finding their way into their houses. Another big threat is that of intruders or burglars finding their way into your home and taking off with your possessions. Installing security doors and screens can create an effective option that will secure the safety of your family.

Open doors

There are several security door options available, so you must decide on which one makes the best fit. First, your home style and the type of door that will best blend with the design. Secondly, look at the budget available for spending. Invest as much as you can on your security. This covers the area where you reside and the prevalent weather conditions, for instance, strong winds, heavy rain or heat.

Top features of security doors

Some of the features you might be asked when you approach the door of a security company are listed below. Remember to pick out the best options that provide maximum safety within the home.

Security locks

It’s better to have deadlocks on your security doors than wafer locks. Three-point locks usually provide more strength and keep off intruders from pulling off your door from the top or bottom.


At a minimum, security doors need three hinges which fixed hinge pins that prevent intruders from removing.


The most effective frames on security doors are those made of steel. Just how effective the frame turns out will depend on its installation rather than the material it’s made off. Aluminum remains a suitable alternative for frames as its less prone to corrosion.

Door mesh

The fiberglass remains a common feature in security doors. Unfortunately, it can only be found in black resulting in restricted vision. To prevent outsiders from seeing inside your office or home, Restricted vision mesh or fiberglass are suitable alternatives.

Fixing windows

Your windows

Break-ins do not just happen from open doors. Statistics show that windows take a huge share of most break-ins. To ensure the safety of your home, you can opt for Custom Screens and Security Products. To arrive at the best security screen, here are some points to consider:

Custom Fit

Windows come in different sizes and shapes. To get the best possible installation, have the screen fitted on your window without leaving any pending gaps.

Mesh or grille

You can pick between a stainless-steel mesh or a burglar-proof option. This will depend on the feel and look, not forgetting the prevailing climatic conditions.


For security and safety, have window locks fitted onto your windows. This extra protective barrier will keep off prospective burglars. Taking them off will require more time and effort, increasing their chances of being caught.

types of screen doors

A fire escape

Do not just barricade yourself blindly. Leave provisions for escape in the event of emergencies. Always double-check your security screen installer to rush out in the event of a fire.