5 Best Walk-in Tubs Types

5 Best Walk-in Tubs Types

As you age, some of the things you used to do when younger become quite challenging. This includes getting in a tub to take a bath. This can be attributed to the fact that as one gets older, so does the ability to move around reduce. This challenge has led to the manufacturing of walk-in tubs to help the elderly as well as individuals who have limited mobility. If you have an older person in your home and wish to get a walk-in installed in your bathroom, what are some of the best walk-in tubs?

First of all, you need to have a rough idea of how a walk-in tub looks. A walk-in tub is taller than an average bathtub, has a built-in seat, slip-resistant floor, a watertight door which can open on either the front or side, grab bars and hand held the shower head.

The best walk-in tubs types

1. Safe Step Walk-in tubsBathtub

These tubs have been designed to deal with slips and accidents. It features anti-slip surfaces, small steps, and the built-in grab bar. The low steps of this walk-in tub make it suitable for everyone as one get in without having to climb in. The anti-slip surface and grab bars provide enough stability and prevent any slips.

2. Independent Home walk-in tubs

These tubs were designed with the elderly put into first consideration. They feature all the requirements of a walk-in tub and thus you are guaranteed that there will not be bathroom slips or accidents. The manufacturer also offers a one-day installation giving you the opportunity to get your walk-in tub installed at your own convenient time.

3. Hydro Dimensions

This manufacturer took the walk-in tubs to a whole new level. Imagine buying a walk-in tub that can work with your existing bathroom design without having to remodel? These tubs have been built to give your loved one a whole new bathing experience with luxury.

4. Jacuzzi Walk-in tubs

Walk-in Bathtub These tubs feature a great design that will allow you to relax in the water. It also has jets that propel a well-balanced mix of air and water giving you a luxurious feel as you take your bath. After a bathing in this walk-in tub, you will be free of any pain or ache in your body.

5. Bathing Safety Walk-in bathtubs

These tubs feature a safety grab bar, handheld shower and built-in seat. If this is not sufficient to convince you to get one, how about having a walk-in tub that offers air massages options. This walk-in tub is going to provide luxury for your loved one.